Enabled by wireless Big Data, this website is proudly reserved for \(\alpha\)-Stable distribution and its applications in wireless cellular networks, the works of which have been recently completed by Rongpeng Li, Yifan Zhou, Meng Li, Chen Qi, Xuan Zhou, Zhifeng Zhao and Honggang Zhang from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, and Luca Chiaraviglio, Francesca Cuomo, Andrea Gigli, Maurizio Maisto from University of Rome, Sapienza, Rome, Italy, respectively.

Based on practical Big Data measurements of on-operating cellular networks, they unveiled the suitability of \(\alpha\)-Stable distribution in several scenarios of cellular networks, including spatial distribution of base station,  dependence between  base stations deployment and traffic spatial distribution,  temporal distribution of traffic series. Meanwhile, several interesting features could be well explained by \(\alpha\)-Stable distributions. In particular, rooted in the \(\alpha\)-Stable distribution, it has been found that fractal patterns, scale-free law and Small-World features coexist in the complex wireless “cellular” networks.

Note (useful materials including MATLAB source codes):

  1. The summary presentation on how  \(\alpha\)-Stable distributions can paly a key role in fifth-generation (5G) cellular networks: Alpha-Stable-Distribution-for-5G.
  2. The MATLAB source codes for base station spatial distribution identification can be downloaded here:  BS_density_pdf.