Another FOUR articles have been accepted for publications in IEEE Access, IEEE Communications Letters, or IET Communications since Jun. 2017.

Paper List:

  1. Zhifeng Zhao, Feng Hong, and Rongpeng Li, “SDN Based VxLAN Optimization in Cloud Computing Networks,” IEEE Access, Oct. 2017, accepted. (Corresponding Author)
  2. Zhifeng Zhao, Meng Li, Rongpeng Li, and Yifan Zhou, “Temporal-Spatial Distribution Nature of Traffic and Base Stations in Cellular Networks,” IET Commun., Sep. 2017, accepted. (Corresponding Author)
  3. Jiachen Sun, Liang Shen, Guoru Ding, Rongpeng Li, and Qihui Wu, “Predictability Analysis of Spectrum State Evolution: Performance Bounds and Real-World Data Analytics,” IEEE Access, Oct. 2017, accepted.
  4. Yifan Zhou, Zhifeng Zhao, Rongpeng Li, Honggang Zhang, and Yves Louet, “Cooperation Based Probabilistic Caching Strategy in Clustered Cellular Networks”, IEEE Commun. Lett., Jun. 2017, accepted.